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As of 2015, in addition to supporting Hungarian family communities, CFAC is putting emphasis on strengthening the national identity of our children living either in the motherland, beyond our borders or in the diasporas. We wish to spread the set of values represented by our member organisations at an international level as well. Therefore, we have been widening our cooperation network in Central Europe, but also on a larger international scale. In order to strengthen national identity, we wish to promote the attendance of Hungarian schools in the territories outside the borders, popularize the Hungarian folk tale treasure and literature, as well as standing for the acquisition of the Hungarian citizenship.

In order to change the discourse and attitude of the society regarding pro-family policy, we popularize our activity among Hungarians living within the borders of our country or cross-borders; striving to raise awareness at an international level. We demonstrate traditional family values and child protection in the media, strengthening pro-family public opinion, featuring the protection of life conceived as one of the basic values.